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Conference follow on actions and ideas

April 1, 2009

At the Better Environments, Better Lives conference, delegates were asked to write down one simple sentence or idea that could be used to create better environments. Here are a selection of what people wrote:

  • “Long term community development workers trained and funded to deliver environmental improvements.”
  • “Build local relationships by going to community festivals and enjoy the day together without an agenda.”
  • “Land care.”
  • “Zero emission developments of social housing in Birmingham.”
  • “Community level partnerships are effective. More partnership level working between government, business and community groups.”
  • “Environmental inequality. Integrate/priorities – regeneration programmes.”
  • “Qualitative repository (metadata of all participatory surveys).”
  • “Creative use of resources (£). Legacy/endowment – long term sustainability (3 year programmes do not work!).”
  • “Invest in green infrastructure.”
  • “Consultation with local community at earliest possible stage, while policy is being framed – e.g. LA’s, PCT’s, EA, Policy.”
  • “Start the conversation with local communities.”
  • “Pedestrian friendly infrastructure (roads, paths, crossings).”
  • “Act locally!”
  • “Green Collar’ jobs to drive up green economy.”

Which of these ideas could you take forward, which need more work, are any completely wide of the mark in your experience?

What could ‘green collar jobs’ mean? Could jobs have some form of environmental rating or certification? What could government or other agencies do to make that a reality or promote ‘green collar jobs’?

Please leave any comments here, or if you’d like to expand your thoughts in a blog post, drop us an email and we can sort that out.

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